Prepare to relive the wild cartoon adventures of the 1990s! We recently announced Adventures of Chris, an action-adventure platformer that’s hand-drawn to delightful comedic effect. This upcoming Steam and Switch title came to us through developer Guin Entertainment, a small, Alabama-based indie startup. Although most people immediately notice the cartoon style and humor, Adventures of Chris also has an exciting combat system that keeps players engaged. Thanks to the game’s funny, engaging storyline, 1990s nostalgia, and its tight combat features, we’re thrilled to partner with Guin Entertainment on Adventures of Chris to give gamers an exhilarating new title to enjoy. 

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Adventures of Chris Storyline

The humor within Adventures of Chris begins in its narrative. Adventures of Chris is set in 1995 and tells the story of a good-natured, overweight 7th grader named Chris. After finding himself lost in a Saturday morning cartoon universe packed with evil villains, one of the henchmen turns him into a helium balloon as a joke. Always the optimist, Chris decides to use his new-found flying ability to rid the world of bad guys. As he explores locations around the world, Chris uncovers new magical and superhuman abilities to prepare him to face off against the cartoon universe’s most dangerous villain. 

What Made Adventures of Chris Stand Out

The story and artwork grabbed our attention, but there are a few other features that drew us to Adventures of Chris:

1. ‘90s style and nostalgia. Adventures of Chris simply feels like ‘90s Saturday morning cartoons. By blending a wacky population of anthropomorphic bugs and animals, magical mutants, and blundering villains, Adventures of Chris captures the high-energy, nonsensical cartoon worlds of the ‘90s.

2. Humor. Adventures of Chris doesn’t take itself seriously. The title character is a chubby kid who regains health by collecting cookies and milkshakes. Since he’s also a balloon, he’ll pop if he floats into a bee, a mosquito, or a stalactite. Chris’s positive attitude pushes him into hilarious scenarios, like when he happily greats dozens of villains in their hideout. 

Chris saying hello

3. The combat system. Although Adventures of Chris is a lighthearted game, its combat system is incredibly advanced and fun to play. The quick response of the controls place you directly in the middle of the action, and wonky power-ups make combat as exciting as it is funny.

As you progress through the game, you can unlock new customization opportunities for Chris. For example, you can unlock different shirts that offer unique abilities, like popping-preventative measures to protect Chris’s balloon body. Modifying Chris’s stomach influences how you can move around in the game. Inflating and deflating controls your altitude, but the Float Fall option allows you to drop to the ground to avoid sudden hazards. When fighting enemies, you can unleash unique spells, attack with powerful crystals and fireballs, and wallop henchmen with a giant airbag fist.

AOC Skilltree

Preparing for Launch

There’s plenty to love about Adventures of Chris. From its ‘90s cartoon humor to its advanced combat system, Adventures of Chris is a fun, exciting game to play. Look for the game on Steam and Switch in Q3 of 2020. In the meantime, add it to your Wishlist!