Bite the Bullet: RPG Customization Meets Fast-Paced Metroidvania Action

On the surface, Mega Cat Studios’ Bite the Bullet looks and feels like run and gun classics Contra and Metal Slug, but a closer look reveals an intriguing twist: In Bite the Bullet, you have to eat your enemies to customize your character through a large branching skill tree, to craft and add modifiers to […]

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Days of War Returns FPS to A Nostalgic Past—With a Twist

Days of War is a gaming delight steeped in nostalgia. In fact, Days of War was designed to return the FPS genre to the glory days of titles like Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat.

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What Developer-First Publishing Really Means—and Why It Matters to Gamers

Every year, the gaming industry suffers because of conflicts between publishers and developers. The reason: many of today’s publishers are risk-resistant. They limit how much they’re willing to invest in a project, how much they’re willing to work with developers, and how much they’re willing to market each game. All of this puts greater pressure […]

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