We’re thrilled to be publishing Blue Fire, a new indie title from Robi Studios. Shrouded in mystery and bursting with nostalgia, Blue Fire is one of those rare titles that promises to let gamers relive the thrill of afternoons on the N64 while offering an original, captivating storyline and modern game mechanics. A 3D action adventure game with a mix of difficult platforming challenges, Blue Fire holds plenty of promise for its summer 2020 release. 

Meet the Developer: Robi Studios

We happened upon Robi Studios and Blue Fire by accident. One of our team members read a blurb about the game online, and the few lines of copy were intriguing enough for us to reach out. 

We quickly learned that the Argentina-based developers grew up on a steady diet of classic N64 titles like Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64. Led by CEO Gabriel Rosa, Robi Studios develops immersive magical worlds with deep storylines for gamers to unravel. 

After seeing a preview of Blue Fire, we knew the game would appeal to a wide variety of gamers. The obvious Zelda influence means there’s an entire franchise base that may be interested in playing, but the mixture of layered stories, magical realms, and platforming challenges attracts even more gamers. 

Digging Into Blue Fire

Robi Studios hasn’t revealed much about the Blue Fire storyline. “We want players to really get immersed in the world and eventually take it upon themselves to explore and learn as much as possible about the world to piece the story together,” Rosa said in an interview with Nintendo. “We feel a good adventure game should expand beyond the game itself and leave the player dreaming and imagining about the world, thus part of the experience is not being too explicit about events.”

Blue Fire - The Void

Here’s what we can tell you: Blue Fire takes place in the abandoned kingdom of Penumbra, a ravaged world on top of a floating island. Penumbra hosts a network of caves and tunnels carved by a mysterious goddess, and the forgotten land holds multiple portals to the Void, a far-off place of abstract platforming challenges that guard ancient treasures. 

In Blue Fire, gamers explore mystical temples, encounter intriguing survivors, embark on strange quests, and avoid deadly traps while upgrading equipment to hack and slash through enemy territories. By collecting amulets and unlocking new abilities, players can transform into fierce fighters. 

Blue Fire Wall Running

Blue Fire places a heavy emphasis on movement. Your success in both quests and Void challenges depends on your ability to defy physics and master the art of movement. Run along walls and dash at intense speeds to avoid deadly traps and attacks from dangerous enemies. 

Until Blue Fire releases this summer, the details of the game will remain as mysterious as Penumbra and the Void. That may be best for the gaming experience, Rosa says. “I would say the best way is to not read or see too much about the game and just jump into the world. The game opens up really quickly and there are a lot of directions you can take, so I would recommend just trusting your gut and learning as you go along.”

To get your copy of Blue Fire, keep tabs on the game in the eShop.