With gorgeous graphics and ultra-smooth gameplay, Cyber Hook is a synthwave 3D platformer that challenges you to swing from platform to platform at high speeds while avoiding dangerous obstacles and enemies. Cyber Hook thrusts you into an alternate universe with few clues on how to get back, arming you with a grappling hook, laser gun, and the ability to warp through time. The only chance of finding your way home is to successfully complete each level.

Meet Blazing Stick

Cyber Hook is the brainchild of Theo Touaty, a French programming professor. Theo originally started Cyber Hook to develop his skills in Unity as he finished completing another project. Over time, Theo used the Cyber Hook project as a platform to test new ideas and skills he wanted to develop for other projects he planned for the future. After a few months of work, he realized that Cyber Hook was turning into a proper game, and his friends and family encouraged him to finish it. This realization was the impetus for Blazing Stick, the development company that has spent the last two years polishing the game.

Cyber Hook Gameplay

Cyber Hook is a virtual parkour experience with a twist: The laws of physics in this world are different from our own. Sprinting propels you forward at unnatural speeds, and your grappling hook slingshots you through open space.

As exciting as sprinting and grappling are, the time warp is most important. With the time warp, you can momentarily freeze time to line up your next shot with your grappling hook or laser gun. A perfect use case is when you miss the next platform ahead. You can use time warp to temporarily stop time, giving you a few precious seconds to recover. Use caution: If you miss your target from within the time warp, you continue your descent into the abyss.

Upon Cyber Hook’s release, expect to see more than 70 levels of intense parkour action, plus an international leaderboard to track your ranking against players around the world.

Blast Through Obstacles

Your laser gun is for more than the synthwave aesthetic. As you blast through rooms and over platforms suspended in time and space, your laser gun will remove hazardous obstacles blocking your path. 

Your gun also serves a defensive purpose. Enemies are hidden throughout the levels, and they all want to attack you on sight by firing bolts of energy. The only way around them is to find a new path or use your laser to dispatch them.

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