Days of War is a gaming delight steeped in nostalgia. In fact, Days of War was designed to return the FPS genre to the glory days of titles like Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat. A WW2 period piece, Days of War immediately feels familiar to anyone who has played a similar shooter, but it’s packed with new features and twists gamers will love.

Days of War VS Today’s FPS

Days of War resists the direction of today’s mainstream shooters. Titles like Battlefield and Call of Duty are designed for gamers who only purchase a few games a year, so they are pumped full of cheap thrills—huge explosions, rapid gameplay, and simple controls that enable anyone to jump in. 

In contrast, Days of War returns the genre to skill-based gaming that pushes players to improve with every match. Like other shooters, Days of War offers a huge cache of weapons and character types, but every decision impacts overall gameplay. You can still pick up any weapon you’d like, but you have to contend with the weapon’s unique features. A machine gun, for example, will require you to rest on the ground or a window sill to get a good shot. Once you’re ready to pull the trigger, you’ll then need to deal with the recoil before lining up again. In the high-intensity combat of Days of War, every bullet counts. Your finesse with a weapon is paramount to your success.

These features heighten the skill level necessary to thrive in Days of War. For those that don’t feel like they’re ready to face off against humans, they can play offline against a flood of computer bots—some of which are just as skilled as human opponents. Thanks to the extra skill challenge in every match, the thrill of victory in Days of War is a little bit sweeter than in other first-person shooters available today. 

Although Days of War offers a tougher challenge than other FPS on the market, players will find the controls familiar. Anyone who has spent time playing first-person shooters like Counter-Strike or Day of Defeat will have a good feel for the controls, though they’ll still need to contend with the game’s added difficulty.

Extreme Attention to Detail

Days of War developers painstakingly designed the weapons to ensure the recoil and technique required skill to fire a weapon. Their attention to detail didn’t stop there, however. The game creates rich 3D environments where bullet casings stream out of machine guns, sunlight glints off polished steel, and building exteriors are detailed with vivid textures and colors. 

With the beautifully designed maps comes graphic gameplay—another design choice that separates Days of War from many of today’s shooters. Once hit, opponents spray blood into the air and into dark puddles on the ground. Under the right circumstances, limbs and heads will detach and skid across the grass and cobblestone courtyards.

Expansive Gameplay Options

Days of War is designed to capture the rapid chaos and momentum of a real firefight. Gameplay happens quickly, and a clever move from the enemy team can dramatically change the tide of the match. With 32 players on the field at all times, the maps burst with mayhem around each corner, rewarding those soldiers who learn each level’s best offensive and defensive positions. More than 60 available weapons keep gameplay fresh, and matchmaking ensures players stay in-game instead of waiting in lobbies. 

The full version of Days of War will be available in January 2020. You can sign up today for Closed Beta Access.