Cyber Hook officially launched today on PC (available now on Steam), and players around the world are blasting finger guns and grappling-hooking through the retrowave vistas of the Cyber Hook universe. To celebrate, we are excited to announce a Cyber Hook speedrunning contest.

If you’ve got the fastest Cyber Hook time at the end of the contest, you could walk away with a cash prize:

  • First place: $250
  • Second place: $150
  • Third place: $100

About Cyber Hook

Speed through a gorgeous retrowave world using parkour skills and a grappling hook to scale and ride walls in this fast-paced, 3D platformer. Blast enemies, manipulate time and abuse physics to avoid falling to your death.

About SpeedGaming

SpeedGaming is one of the most reputable speedrunning organizations in the world. Across their network of Twitch channels and their broader community on Discord and Twitter, SpeedGaming has several speedrunning tournaments and leagues running at any given time across a wide range of games.

About Go Fast, Win Money: Cyber Hook Chase for the Record

If you’d like to participate in the Cyber Hook Chase For the Record contest, here’s how to participate:

Here are the other details:

  • This is an Any%/No Major Glitches category
  • SpeedGaming has the sole discretion over what constitutes a major or minor glitch
  • All runs are subject to review by SpeedGaming
  • All participants certify that they can enter such a contest in accordance with the laws and regulations of their home country and state
  • SpeedGaming and Graffiti Games reserve the right to change or amend the rules of the contest at any time

If you have additional questions, please visit the SpeedGaming Discord

For more information and to get started, visit today!