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Graffiti Games Mixes Things Up at The MIX Showcase

By March 22, 2022May 16th, 2022News

Hello Graffiti Crew!

Graffiti Games was pleased to take part in The MIX Showcase, and we certainly didn’t hold back on the announcements front. We’re so happy to finally announce our partnership with developer Fervir Games to publish the monster-taming RPG Creature Keeper. We also announced our partnership with Baby Lumberjack to publish the slapstick stealth handyman sim World’s Worst Handyman.

But wait, there’s more! Camp Canyonwood will launch into Early Access here on Steam this summer, so grab your tent and get ready to huddle up around the bonfire in the near future. Naturally, we didn’t forget the hauntingly hilarious adventure game, Restless Soul, which has a new trailer. In fact, new trailers all around!

You’ll find a short description of these games below, so take a gander and toss them on your Wishlist if one of them strikes your fancy. Otherwise, you might be haunted by spooky creatures next time you’re at camp, with no handyman nearby to hear your cries. Better not risk it.

Creature Keeper
Creature Keeper is a monster-taming game where you fight alongside the creatures you’ve befriended in real time. Form a party of your favorite creatures and strengthen them by cooking yummy food, crafting trinkets, earning power ups via your Pocket Garden, and nabbing unlockables from the Bestiary.

Restless Soul
A hauntingly humorous adventure game about a soul trying to return to the land of the living. Take part in bullet-hell battles, unlock secrets, make friends with quirky spirits, and more.

World’s Worst Handyman
Help our hapless handyman, Doug, “repair” items, dodge workplace hazards, and solve puzzles to earn the cash he needs to save his local animal shelter in this slapstick stealth handyman sim. Whatever you do, don’t screw things up! Or do? It’s fun either way!

Camp Canyonwood
Build and maintain a summer camp in this outdoor life sim where nothing strange ever happens. Teach campers to chop wood, fish, hike, and more while protecting them from threats both natural and supernatural.

Phew! That’s a lot of gaming goodness right there. Until next time, remember to follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and subscribe to our Steam Publisher page to keep up with the latest news on all of our upcoming titles.

Don’t be a stranger, OK?

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