Adventures of Chris is all about a young kid who becomes an unlikely hero, and you can’t fight crime when you’re hungry! So, we’ve teamed up with No Kid Hungry for a week-long charity stream to help end childhood hunger in America. 

There is no reason that any kid in America should go hungry, and we’re thrilled to be able to help and involve the gaming community as part of the solution. Over the next week, multiple streamers will lend their talents to the cause, with every single donation going towards providing meals and programs to help feed hungry children. 

When you donate to No Kid Hungry you’re directly affecting their efforts to make sure that kids have access to school breakfast, summer meals, after school meals, and more. And every dollar counts.

A $1.00 donation to No Kid Hungry leads to 10 meals for kids in need. Yes, you read that right. 10 meals!

Food is a very important aspect of Adventures of Chris; you collect cookies as currency, you go to bakeries to buy food that provides energy, and Chris’s story is a testament to how heroic anyone can be when they’re given the chance to make a difference.

We hope that you’ll check out some of the streams and get a chance to see what No Kid Hungry is all about! 

Click here to donate directly to the Tiltify campaign.