Camp Canyonwood

As the newest counselor at Camp Canyonwood, it’s up to you to successfully manage campers and restore this neglected camp to its former glory by building and modifying the campground! Summer after summer, help new groups of campers learn valuable skills and earn Badges in this charmingly strange camping life sim.

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● Camp activities include fishing, archery, stargazing, bug catching, rock collecting, wood chopping, hiking, exploration, and wildflower collecting. More are planned for the full release.

● Each camper has a unique look and personality. Learn about them and monitor their health and happiness. If they’re unhappy (or missing), their parents may not pay at summer’s end!

● Use earned profits from successful camper management to improve the campground with new decorations and accommodations.

● In addition to a variety of tent and cabin options, there are dozens of collectible items, ranging from practical things like grills for cooking to cosmetic decorations like statues and watch towers.

● Experience the great outdoors, including interactions with fierce predators, chubby racoons, and many different kinds of animals, bugs, flowers, and precious stones.

● Complete donation quests from the camp staff to unlock new items to purchase.

● Nothing strange ever happens at Camp Canyonwood. Especially things like ghosts and UFOs.


Deli Interactive
Graffiti Games
Launch Date
August 4th, 2022
Life Sim, Building, Sandbox

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Collect material and improve your campground with a variety of building options and cosmetic decorations.

From fishing to rock collecting, teach your campers valuable skills and help them earn Badges.

Protect campers from dangers such as snakes, bears, and even the supernatural.

Hike, fish, catchbugs, and more in this scenic, Utah-inspired wilderness.

No two campers are the same. Each have their own unique personalities and quirks.