Cyber Hook

Speed through a gorgeous retrowave world using parkour skills and a grappling hook to scale and ride walls in this fast-paced, 3D platformer. Blast enemies, manipulate time and abuse physics to avoid falling to your death.



Cyber Hook is a fast-paced, 3D platformer that has you using parkour skills and a grappling hook to scale and ride walls, while fighting enemies and blasting blocks with a laser gun. Hurtle forward in a vibrant retrowave environment to test parkour abilities, but be careful, because one missed jump can mean life or death.


Blazing Stick
Graffiti Games
Launch Date
September 24, 2020
PC, Nintendo Switch

Cyber Hook | Review in 3 Minutes

“Cyber Hook is an adrenaline filled parkour platformer that is a joy of an experience.”

The Escapist1.22M subscribers

Slightly Obscure Games: Cyber Hook

“Cyber Hook is under appreciated. Many great indie games are. Well, today, I probably won't change that, but I will talk about this game I've enjoyed for a good while now.”

Whimsu72.7K subscribers

Cyber Hook - Worth Your Time? | 2020 Review | A Different Kind Of 3D Platformer

“Cyber Hook is a thrilling ride from start to finish and worth your time.”

Legacy Gaming246K subscribers

Run through a bevy of levels in a row without having time ever stop and see if you can make it to the top of the leaderboards. Challenge yourself in full game Marathon, Monthly Marathons, and Per World Marathons.

Fast-paced 3D parkour gameplay that plunges you through intense platforming challenges. Scale and ride walls, but be careful to time jumps correctly or you’ll plunge to your death.

Use a grappling hook to fly through levels by hooking yourself onto blocks, while blasting foes and blocks with a laser gun.

Warp time to save yourself from falling to your death and discover new movement options to make it past challenges. In Cyber Hook, you can forge your own path by abusing physics and breaking the level design.

70+ levels at launch to test your parkour skills.

Compete with other players using the region or worldwide leaderboard and watch others play in-game to determine the best strategies to make it through levels.