Why Graffiti Games

Our Focus

We Put The Focus Where It Needs to Be: Developers and Games

We believe that the most important aspect to our partnerships is putting developers and their titles at the forefront to increase exposure for both. At Graffiti we place the emphasis of press releases, messaging and conversations on the developer and their title, so that we can focus on what goes on behind the scenes.


Innovative Publishing Model That Benefits All

Currently there are several successful independent game publishers, but very few, if any, that offer developers the ability to select the services they need and work in accord with the publisher. We fill this void. We offer flexibility, so developers can decide what works best for their game, whether it’s marketing and PR support, funding to make a good game great, or full launch support.


Strong Marketing & Platform Feature Expertise

Our team has been part of successfully launching hundreds of games on every platform. Thanks to our background in PR and marketing, we know how to garner coverage and raise awareness for a title in order to generate sales. Additionally, we have strong platform relationships that enable us to secure prominent store feature placement.


Submissions are fully vetted by our team and, after meeting all criteria, receive partial or full funding based on deal terms.


Creation of timelines, schedules, checklists and assistance with allocation of resources in order to maximize budget and meet deadlines.


Trailers, gameplay videos, and other assets necessary for the game.


Porting of a game to new platforms or localizing for new territories.


Securing licensing opportunities and retail sales opportunities worldwide.


Launch strategies, media outreach, press material creation and distribution, conference/tradeshow support, influencer outreach, preview press tours, etc.


Platform and feature negotiations with the various first-parties (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Steam, etc.)