We knew we had found something special when we first saw Cyber Hook. The beautiful synthwave 3D platformer challenges gamers to swing from platform to platform at breakneck speeds with a grappling look and laser gun while avoiding death below. The game had us excited, but we were even more excited to see how the public would respond. During our recent trip to PAX East, we had an opportunity to watch people play through Cyber Hook for the first time. While we have many of our own reasons for loving Cyber Hook, we found that PAX East attendees enjoyed its artwork, controls, gameplay, and reward system.

Why Cyber Hook Stands Out

The response at PAX East was overwhelming. We initially set aside two monitors in our booth for people to play Cyber Hook, but we ended up pulling one of the monitors from another game so that we could have three people playing Cyber Hook at one time. 

Fan Playing Cyber Hook

The lines kept growing, crowds formed, and people loved getting their hands on the game. There was nothing else like it on the floor, but that’s not the only reason the game stood out. Here are a few of the reasons it stood out: 

  1. The synthwave music and artwork draws you in. Cyber Hook is gorgeous. At PAX East, people had a hard time walking by the screens without stopping to take a closer look. Once they started watching, the synthwave music and graphics blended into an immersive experience that kept them rooted in place. 



  1. The controls are tight. After the quick tutorial, anyone can pick up the game and start to play. With a few levels under their belt, most players feel comfortable with the controls, but the game continues to throw challenges that keep them hooked. 
  2. There’s never a lull in gameplay. Most levels take anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes to complete, but each level offers multiple paths to completion. Cyber Hook rewards innovation and ingenuity. For example: One level has a tunnel along the main path for gamers to run through. As people at PAX East played, however, they realized that the tunnel slowed them down. Eventually, people began using their grappling hook to swing around the tunnel and shave a few seconds off their overall time. We saw similar strategies used on other levels as well. The people who stopped by our booth were so creative, we saw a few people try strategies we had never considered before.



  1. The game has built-in rewards. Gamers compete for the shortest time possible on each level, and your speed is rewarded with one, two, or three diamonds depending on how quickly you finished. We saw many people finish with one or two diamonds and then immediately replay the same level to try to compete for the complete set. This level of determination has us excited for Cyber Hook’s full release later this year. Once the game is live, it will feature a worldwide leaderboard so that gamers can compete for the lowest possible time against an international audience. As a bonus, competitors will be able to watch the best run for each level and pick up new techniques they may have never considered before! 

Thanks to the attention Cyber Hook received at PAX East, we’re now even more excited for the rest of the world to play on launch day. To make sure you can play as soon as it’s out, wishlist Cyber Hook on Steam.