Experience a Lovecraftian inspired story-driven action RPG game with skill-based combat. Explore and Fight in a dreadful world rich in treasures and deadly creatures. Elderand is a love letter to Castlevania with modern elements. Make your own path as you unveil the darkness.

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Explore a dangerous world and fight deadly creatures for untold treasure in this Lovecraftian- inspired action RPG game. Uncover the dark and ancient mysteries of a haunting land where you’ll utilize RPG elements and skill-based combat to slay adversaries, find hidden passages, and collective bountiful loot. Only the strong will survive.


Mantra, Sinergia Games
Graffiti Games
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PC, Console

Elderand Gameplay Trailer

“Experience a Lovecraftian inspired, story-driven action RPG game that forces players to use skill-based combat to take down deadly creatures.”

Graffiti Games

With a heavy focus on skill-based combat, reckless warriors will be punished time after time. With patience and a fearless heart, your timing and positioning will improve as you find and develop your battle style.

Discover, buy, and collect a myriad of items, including unique relics, potions, weapons, and shields. Bargain with shopkeepers to gather even more loot and upgrade your character.

Journey to distinct lands filled with ancient mysteries to unravel. Slay lethal creatures, find hidden passages, and befriend strangers from the Errant Breach to Omulore. While forging your path through the world, remember one thing... Curiosity is your greatest ally.

Become the mightiest warrior by leveling up your character’s stats, including attack and magic. You'll need every advantage you can get to fell the unforgiving beasts of this land.